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The Preamble to the original ICW Constitution said “We, women of all Nations, in the conviction that the good of humanity will be best advanced by greater unity of thought, sympathy and purpose, and that an organised movement will serve to promote the highest good of the family and of the Nation, do hereby band ourselves together in a federation of women of all races, nations and creeds, to further the application of the Golden Rule to society, custom and law:

Do unto others as you would that they should do unto you”.

Our mission statement
National Council of Women of Australian Capital Territory, NCW ACT, is a non party political, non sectarian, not for profit, umbrella organisation with broadly humanitarian and educational objectives. It seeks to raise the awareness of women as to their rights and responsibilities as citizens and encourages their participation in all aspects of community life.

What we offer
Opportunities to meet regularly with women who share concerns for equity for women and their families
Opportunities to contribute to the work of the Council through membership of the Executive or as an Advisor
A voice on issues relevant to women and families through our representations to State/Territory and Commonwealth Governments and Non-Government Organisations
Monthly meetings with topical speakers
Newsletter four times per year
Special forums or events, for example President’s Luncheon in May

Membership Categories
There are two categories of membership - Affiliated Organisations and Associate/Individual membership.

Affiliated Organisation membership - NCW ACT is a peak body offering membership to a diverse range of women’s organisations with similar or compatible aims and objectives. Each such affiliate organisation may elect two voting delegates to the Council. 

Associate/Individual membership - NCW ACT has a considerable number of Associate members - individual women not necessarily linked to other member organisations, whose application/nomination for individual membership is accepted by the Council. Associate members can be on the Management Committee and have full voting rights at all General Meetings.

Honorary Life membership - Long standing members who have made an outstanding contribution to the Council may be offered an Honorary Life Membership.

NCW ACT Affiliated Organisations

Anglican Women’s Diocesan Council
Australian Church Women ACT Unit
Canberra Mothercraft Society
Country Women’s Association - Canberra Branch
National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Canberra Section)
Pan Pacific & SE Asia women’s Association (ACT) Inc
St Andrew’s Evening PWA
Salvation Army (ACT & South NSW Region)

Soroptimist International of Canberra Inc
Yarralumla Uniting Church Adult Fellowhship

Honorary Life Members
Julia Biles OAM
Rita Dodson
Alice Engel
Beryl Evans
Coral Fleming
Monica Glenn OAM
Jenny Jarvis
Margaret Findlater-Smith
Margery Smyth OAM
Jean Thomson OAM


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