The aims of NCWA are to:

work for the removal of all discrimination against women and to promote the equal status of women and men in law and in fact.

• act as a link for networking and a co-ordinator between State and Territory Councils of Women.

• act as a voice of communication at national and international levels on issues and concerns of women.

develop national policies and responsibilities on behalf of women on an Australia wide basis.

• maintain the affiliation with the International Council of Women and monitor the implementation of its plans of action and policies at national level.

• to work for peaceful settlement of disputes by arbitration, conciliation and mediation.

The NCWA, in dealing with national issues on behalf of its membership, refers submissions and matters on to the Federal Government and relays information back to the State and Territory Councils.
The NCWA role of communication is performed through a well developed structure of Standing Committees, National Coordinators and National Advisors.
There are five National Coordinators with portfolios in the areas of the:
Communications General Well-Being Social Issues Status of Women Sustainable Development.

The National Coordinators are supported and informed by twenty National Advisors.

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