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Beliefs and cultural change are needed!
NCWA has its own team of male ’champions’ and allies - men and boys of all shape and size, age, race, colour and creed (husbands, partners, sons, fathers, neighbours and work colleagues) who ’live the dream’ - their homes, workplaces and recreation spaces are safe and free from violence and abuse.  They are powerful men who do not need to use their fists or other means to ’control’ and share an abundance of family, friends and means - to enjoy a full and enriched life. 

And the work goes on...

Australian Women Against Violence Alliance
Established in March 2010 as one of the National Women’s Alliances funded by the Australian Government.
AWAVA ensures that women’s voices, particularly marginalised women’s voices, are heard by Government, harnessing and amplifying the work of its member organisations, Friends & Supporters.

AWAVA ensures that women’s voices, particularly marginalised women’s voices, are heard by Government, harnessing and amplifying the work of its member organisations, Friends & Supporters.
Say No To Violence
Over the 18 months to June 2009 the NCWA Board committed to a major campaign to end violence against women and children in Australia.

NCWA welcomed the release on April 29, 2009 of, a report containing key recommendations for the 
National Plan of Action to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children. .
Our Watch
Say No to Violence
Child Protection -
Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month of every year - protecting children is everybody’s responsibility!
National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN)  for more information on how you can help protect every child.

Women in the Workplace - Why is there still work to do???
- Ducks on the Pond: Women in Trade Apprenticeships

- Independent Review into sex Discrimination and sexual harrassment, including predatory behaviour in Victoria Police - Phase One Report 2015

Coalition for Working Women (CWW)
Formed in 2014.  This group comprises (as listed when we put in submissions or discussion papers): Australian Local Government Women’s Association; BPW (Business and Professional Women) Australia; Financial Services Institute of Australasia; Local Government Managers Australia; National Council of Women of Australia; National Foundation for Australian Women; Women on Boards Pty Ltd; Women’s Electoral Lobby; The Work and Family Policy Roundtable (UniSA); YWCA Australia.
- Ltr from the Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash 

Media Releases

April 2015 - Interim Home Based Carer Subsidy Programme

Equality Rights Alliance  As a foundation member of this group NCWA works across all aspects of their work:Steering Group Member - Barbara Baikie, President, NCWAMind the GAP Working Group - Barbara Baikie, President, NCWAHousing Policy that meets the needs of Women - Margaret Findlater-Smith, National Coordinator of Standing Committees
Women’s Sexual & Reproductive Health - Dr Wendy Abigail, NCW SA Executive
This is an article by Yvette Wang - one of our NCW Victoria members who participated in a Parliamentary Advocacy Day in November 2016.
International Gynae Awareness Day 
The undies are to encourage others to have a ’paper cut out undies competition’ in women’s meetings around IGAD 10 September to try to get women involved - have a bit of fun with it and put some COLOUR AND LIFE into an important health issue for women.

45 Years on: What now in Contraceptives
This booklet includes information about recent research, articles by Professor Gab Kovacs, and Dr Neisha Wratten and a piece by Dr Terri Foran on the history of contraceptives. 
Published in 2006. Copies are still available from NCWA National office.Please send an email to: info(@) stating name, postal address and the number of copies required.
Defence Reserves Support Council

A number of years ago - NCWA was invited, and accepted, to provide a nominee to the Defence Reserves Support Council.  This relationship has been maintained and we continue to encourage both employers and potential Reservists to consider taking up opportunities that accrue for both individuals and organisations.    
"The Defence Reserves Support Council promotes the benefits of Reserve Service and encourages employers and the community to support Reservists...

Employing a Reservist - for employers   |   
Being a Reservist employee - for Reservists"

History of NCWA 1896-2006
At the 2003 Triennial Conference held in Perth, Western Australia it was decided that: NCWA publish a history of the organisation to celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2006.

This history has now been published - read more about it.

"Stirrers with Style" website was launched in May 2014 - a focus on the past president’s of NCWA.  

We are grateful for the leadership of Mrs Leonie Christopherson AM, who convened the sub-committee and also to our researchers: Adjunct Professor Judith Smart (RMIT University) and Professor Emerita Marian Quartly (Monash University).
Work on this project was generously funded by Australian Research Council Linkage Grant LP088371, in collaboration with the University of Melbourne.


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