National Council of Women of Australia, Standing Committees
The National Council of Women is a non-sectarian, non-party political, volunteer organisation. 

With the assistance of its national network of Standing Committees in the areas of:
Status of Women
Human Rights | Implementation of Conventions | Legislation | International Relations & Peace
Sustainable Development
Women & Employment | Economics | Consumer Affairs | Rural & Urban Women
General Well Being
Health | Environment | Habitat | Nutrition
Education | Arts & Letters | Music | Mass Media
Social Issues
Ageing | Child & Family | Migration | Youth

NCWA works to address issues of concern to all women and their families and acts as a voice or agent of communication and change on an Australia wide basis.  If you have an interest and/or expertise in any of the above areas and wish to contribute your time and expertise in a voluntary capacity, please feel free to lodge an Expression of Interest with us.
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