National Council of Women of Australia (NCWA) is a Company Limited by Guarantee. The Directors of the Company are the members of the Board, who are elected at the Triennial Conference for a three year term. The Executive of National Council of Women of Australia usually rotates around Australia each three years.

The Board consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Coordinator of Standing Committees plus the Presidents of each State or Territory Council, or their nominees.

At Conferences members of the Board, Delegates from State & Territory Councils, National Coordinators and National Advisers are the voting members of the Company.

Each State and Territory Council is affiliated with NCWA. Autonomous and a separate legal entity in its own right, each operates within the boundaries of its own State or Territory.   State and Territory Councils pay affiliation fees to NCWA and share the costs of ICW affiliation.

NCWA is affiliated with the International Council of Women (ICW) and a number of NCWA members have been elected to hold ICW positions.

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