45 years on: What now in Contraceptives?

Knowledge is choice. Contraceptive options range widely – from the natural rhythm method, to male vasectomy and the latest non-daily methods of hormonal injections and implants. It is vital that information is available for women to make informed choices regarding all possible methods – if they wish.

The National Council of Women of Australia is a nonsectarian, non-party political, volunteer organisation that first met in Australia in Sydney in 1896. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Stirrers with Style’, they have continued to meet regularly in six States and the ACT ever since. Through its national network of Standing Committees in the areas of Communication, General Well-Being, Social Issues, Status of Women, and Sustainable Development, the National Council of Women works to address issues of concern to all women and their families and acts as a voice or agent of communication on an Australia-wide basis.

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