National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-2032 [Key NCWA Priority]

NCWA's key priority - National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-2032

Our commitment to ending all forms of gender-based violence


The National Plan is dedicated to each and every victim and survivor of gender-based violence.

We thank the victim-survivors who have spoken out and bravely shared their stories. They leave us with an immense legacy of resistance and resilience and continue to inspire our work and drive
us to do more.

We mourn those who have been murdered and the children we will not see grow up. We recognise those with lived experience who continue to recover from violence and manage the life-long impacts of trauma. We hope they not only survive but also thrive as they heal from their trauma.

We acknowledge all the people and organisations who work tirelessly every day to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against women and children, including family, domestic and sexual violence.

“Everyone has the right to safety. Addressing all forms of gender-based violence, including domestic, family and sexual violence, must be a priority for all Australians to achieve our shared vision of a community free of violence against women and children.”
Summit Delegates’ Statement, September 2021

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