NCWA 2023 Conference – Removing the Gender Divide [Recap & Photos]

Attendees at the NCWA 2023 conference

The NCWA AGM and Conference ‘Removing the Gender Divide’ including delegates from NCW Constituent Councils from all Australian States was recenbtly held at HC Combes Centre, Kirribilli, (Tuesday, 17th of October 2023). A Reception was also held at Admiralty House on Tuesday evening hosted by the NCWA Patron, Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley.

We are very grateful for the amount of advocacy work undertaken by our members across the country in advancing gender equality and improving women’s economic security. 2023 has been a particularly busy year with our representation on the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Women Economic Equality Taskforce and W20 summit in India. 

Thank you to Vice President Fiona Dorman, Treasurer Yvette Kinkade, Secretary Laura Hicks and fellow board members Ronniet Milliken, Margaret Findlater-Smith, Julie Morris and Dorothy Kelly.

Photo Gallery

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