NCWA Congratulates Yvette Kinkade, the New President of NCWNSW.

Yvette Kinkade, President National Council of Women of NSW

NCWA Congratulates Yvette Kinkade, the New NCWNSW President and welcomes the new Executive team.


We congratulate Yvette Kinkade on her election as the newly appointed President of The National Council of Women of NSW and welcome the Executive Team.

With NCWNSW’s impressive community engagement, growth, and positive change history, Ms. Kinkade is committed to building upon these solid foundations and elevating NCWNSW to greater heights.

Ms. Kinkade expressed her enthusiasm for the journey ahead: “NCWNSW has a rich 127-year history of community, growth, and positive change. I am committed to building upon these foundations and lifting NCWNSW to new heights. As we embark on this journey together, I am enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead.”

“Our strength as an organisation lies in its members. Each brings unique talents, unwavering service, insights, perspectives, and extensive experiences. Together, we form a formidable force for good, and by working collaboratively, we can achieve further remarkable change.”

We thank outgoing President Julie Morris, who has dedicated three years of unwavering service as the NSW President. Julie is a previous NCWA President, longstanding NCWNSW member, NCWA board member and passionate advocate for women.

Julie’s leadership and commitment to women, peace, and security have been truly inspiring, and Ms. Kinkade is equally committed to maintaining the high standard of excellence set by Julie.


Pictured: Newly elected NCWNSW President,  Yvette Kinkade thanked Julie Morris for her  three-year service as NCWNSW President.


Ms. Kinkade’s vision for NCWNSW is both ambitious and inspiring. She envisions strengthening the impact across the community, increasing membership across all age groups, exploring new avenues, and advocating for and driving positive change.

She aims to ensure that NCWNSW becomes a peak body within NSW, representing women throughout the state. Under Ms Kinkade’s leadership, NCWNSW will continue its longstanding advocacy work for women across NSW.

We look forward to the positive transformations and initiatives unfolding during her tenure. Join us in congratulating Yvette Kinkade on her new role and actively participating in shaping the future of NCWNSW.

Together with our Constituent Councils, NCWA continues to be a beacon of positive change for women throughout Australia.


The NCWNSW team:

President: Yvette Kinkade

Vice-President:  Karen Levin

Vice-President: Leshia Bubniuk

Hon. Secretary: Karen Binstead

Hon. Treasurer: Margaret Wood

Individual member Representative: Cassandra Poroye Adewusi

Immediate Past President: Julie Morris


Positions: State Coordinator Standing Committee: Vacant, Social Media: Vacant, Newsletter: Vacant, External Committees/Forum: Vacant

Interested persons should contact the President at [email protected] with a copy of their CV.


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