NCWA Resolutions – Triennial Conference 10 November 2022

At the NCWA Triennial Conference on Thursday, 10 November 2022, NCWA RESOLVED to urge the Australian Government:

  1. To extend Universal Preschool to include all children in the 2 years before they start school, which would include three-year-olds;
  2. To implement all 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development (the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs), signed at the United Nations by Australia in September 2015, and to measure and benchmark all legislation and decisions by the Australian Federal Government against the associated 169 targets and 232 measurable indicators on their impact toward achieving the SDGs;
  3. To better support survivors of Modern Slavery (domestic, agricultural, or sexual slavery) alleged to have been committed/ perpetrated in Australia, through a national compensation scheme for survivors – implemented through amendment of the relevant federal legislation – so that survivors can access compensation through a slavery-specific national compensation scheme that should not require cooperation with police;
  4. To compel child support customers to lodge a tax return annually and disallow child support decisions on ‘provisional income’;
  5. To develop and implement a Charter/Bill of Human Rights;
  6. To ratify the International Labour Organisation’s C190 – Violence and Harassment Convention 2019 (no. 190).


On hearing a presentation by Dr Anne Summers AO regarding her Report – “The Choice: Violence or Poverty” on Friday, 11 November 2022, NCWA RESOLVED forthwith that

7. The Australian Government should change the eligibility rules so that the parenting payment single allowance is available to all single parents until their youngest child reaches 16 or is still in high school.


Download the Resolutions (pdf) 

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