NCWA Submission: Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework

NCWA Submission: Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework

The NCWA recommends the Australian Parliament use the model legislation approach to enact a uniform, comprehensive Human Rights Act applicable Australia-wide.

NCWA proposes and recommends that the respective premiers, attorney’s general and human rights commissions take the opportunity to go for the gold standard using a consultative approach focused on the common good through the leadership of the Standing Council of Attorney Generals or National Cabinet. – rather than a competitive (grass is greener) approach or going for the lowest common denominator.

In reviewing and fine-tuning current legislation, the provision of public services and institutional arrangements, policy settings and associated programs, specific priority should be given to changes that will benefit women and girls, that: • promote gender equity • promote RESPECT • eradicate harassment and domestic violence in all its forms • eradicate discrimination and harassment based on gender, race, marital status, age, or ability and • promote national peace and cohesion. …..

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