NCWV welcomes a new President and Committee

NCWA welcomes Elida Brereton into her role as the newly elected President of NCWV.

“I am honoured to follow in the steps of fabulous past Presidents and am aware that in our 120 years, there have been great leaders who have made significant difference, including strong action and advocacy, to improve conditions for girls and women since 1902,” said Ms Brereton.

Congratulations and thank you to Former President Ronniet Milliken, who completed three excellent years of leadership and hard work, particularly as Victoria went through privations and change brought on by the COVID pandemic. In Ms. Milliken’s term, face-to-face meetings vanished, our fellowship and sharing in person disappeared, and life was much more difficult and removed from the familiar past. Ronniet kept us going, led us in celebrating our 120th anniversary, represented NCWV at numerous events remotely and, more recently, in person, and took on the role of secretary while we were seeking a replacement for Pam Hammond. “Well done Ronniet for your leadership, passion, and hard work; we appreciate this greatly”

“My vision for NCWV is that we become even more relevant in our actions and advocacy, we grow in numbers with particularly younger women being attracted to join us, and the fellowship and friendships of pre-Covid days return so that we work as a unified, diverse organisation that makes a positive difference.”


The NCWV team:

President: Elida Brereton

Vice-President: Guosheng Chen

Vice-President: Pam Hammond

Hon Secretary: Tracey Ahern

Hon. Treasurer: Deanne Baptista

General members: Deborah Towns OAM, Hean Bee Wee AM, Susannah Duncan

Individual Members Representative: Vacant State Coordination Standing Committee: Vacant Interested persons should contact the President at [email protected] with a copy of their CV. Public Officer, Tracey Ahern


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